What We Do:


Essentially the bread and butter of what a lot of other country bloggers do. I don’t really like calling what I do a “review”, but shit, I guess it’s the best fit. I will say that I don’t consider myself a critic. Everything I cover is coming simply from the perspective of a passionate music fan who’s just like all of you. I’m not perfect, and I like what I like and don’t like what I don’t like.

Classic Cuts

This is a “classic” Andy feature, as every week he decides to dig up some songs from the past from artists of all disciplines (within the Country and Americana land) and write about their significance, both personally and culturally. It’s a fun blast from the past if I do say so myself.

Fake News

Alright, this is probably NOT the feature we need in today’s world, but it’s only a country music blog anyway. Plus, all of these are made in good fun, and they are always clearly marked when they are fake. These are honestly hard to write (in terms of coming up with new ideas), but damn are they fun.

Country Confessional

Every week I (try) to come up with something on my mind that might be an unpopular opinion and share it with all of you. Really, it’s a chance to truly unwind and acknowledge that hey, we’re not critics, we’re music fans who like things for various reasons. This is our chance to say why.

Live Blogging Country Radio

Stolen from Country California (alright, most of these are stolen from other blogs), but every week I try to listen to my local country radio station for half an hour and live blog what I think about the songs played (or advertisements).

Philosophical Ramblings

This one is hard to explain, and it’s not something that’s a “weekly” feature necessarily, but every now and then I get up on my soap box and preach about how music is subjective and how everyone should like what they like. I’m a pain in the ass with this stuff, but sometimes it leads to good conversations

What We Don’t Do

News Coverage

We’ve tried doing news coverage in the past, but in all honesty, I don’t have the time to get to every single breaking event, nor do I care to. Other people get to them first anyway. Unless I have an opinion on a specific matter at hand, we likely won’t cover it.


I’ve tried to do this, and I’ve failed in the process. In all honesty I just don’t have the time to do one of these, and I don’t want to promise something I know I can’t fulfill.

Single Reviews

Well, we do actually do single reviews, just not here. I write them over at This Is Country Music, so don’t pester me about covering songs here.

Bash Artists

Again, we’re passionate music fans, not critics. We aim to talk about the music at hand rather than personality or other pieces from an artist’s background that don’t pertain to the music at hand. Moreover, even if we hate a piece of music, we will never run it into the ground anymore than we need to, as we understand that taste is subjective.

Be Dishonest 

Honest is the key to what I want to be at Country Music Minds. In the past I’ve been swept away by the elitism of the scene, but now it’s time to write what I want to write. Again, I never aim to bash artists, but I will always be honest with my opinions. I will praise any element of music I can, but I will also provide healthy criticism as well.