Got something you want to say to us? Go right ahead.

Got music you want us to hear? Send it on over. Please note that Dropbox submissions are NOT preferred. MP3 files or Soundcloud are the types of platforms preferred.

Please also note that I am not available on the weekends, so if you email Saturday morning hoping I hear your music, it’s going to have to wait until Monday. Moreover, when I “review” your music (hate that word), I’m going to give an honest take on it. That’s not being an uptight critic, that will just come from a fan of music. I don’t intend to be mean and I certainly never intend to bash artists. Again though, you’ll get an honest take.

One last additional note – I am slow on the draw when it comes to covering new music. I prefer to sit with music for awhile until I’ve really absorbed it. I will not rush my thoughts, so I do ask that you be patient if you would like your music covered. We don’t review music before it’s respective release date, and we don’t cover EP’s. 

I think that covers it, fire away.