Here at Country Music Minds, we try to come at things from the perspective of a music fan rather than a “critic”. Instead of reporting on the latest news events or operating as a news outlet in general, we try to focus more on music coverage and philosophical ramblings. We aim to be honest most of all. If you want a more detailed list of all it is we do here, read our Features page.

About the authors:

Leon Blair – Founder & Editor

Leon is a passionate country music listener who is excited to be a part of Country Music Minds. He started this blog out of a love for country music and a passion to cover everything he can concerning it. He is interested in all types of country music and believes that criticism should be constructive rather than destructive. In his spare time he enjoys binge watching the Walking Dead as well as spending time with friends and family. In addition to writing here, he also writes single reviews over at This Is Country Music

Andrew L. – Writer

Andrew is a longtime country music listener and all-around fan. He generally goes by “andythedrifter” online as a tribute to one of his country music heroes, Hank Williams. He is interested in the many different roots and branches of country music, and considers hearing a great song for the first time one of the greatest joys in life. His favorite aspect of country music is its potential for brilliant lyrics and storytelling. He is thrilled to join the team of Country Music Minds, and looks forward to exploring this great genre with you.