Watch: Charlie Worsham’s “Cut Your Groove”

Beginning Of Things Cover

I don’t normally do the whole “promoting music videos” thing, but I wanted to promote this one. I know it’s been out for a couple of days now, but still, I want to support this guy. Look for our review of Charlie Worsham’s new album The Beginning Of Things very soon. Until then, enjoy the new video for “Cut Your Groove”. Thanks for the all love as well country radio*.

*sarcasm font

4 thoughts on “Watch: Charlie Worsham’s “Cut Your Groove”

  1. This is a cool little song. Charlie is no traditionalist, but damn he’s awesome. He’s one pop-country artist I’d be all for country radio promoting, but it seems that they’d rather chase the latest flavor of the month interchangeable pretty boy, which is so sad. If Charlie Worsham, William Michael Morgan, Jon Pardi, Mo Pitney, Drake White, Craig Campbell, and Chris Janson were the newer, young male artists heavily promoted by radio instead of Chase Mice, Canaan Smith, Granger Smith, Michael Ray, Brett Young, and Chris Lame, then we’d be all set. At least Jon Pardi is enjoying moderate success.

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    1. To me, Charlie is very much in the same vein as Eric Church, Brothers Osborne, and Tim McGraw – not the most traditional artist out there by any means (although “Old Time’s Sake” is pretty damn country), but he’s still providing something unique and actually good for the format.

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  2. Country Music Hall of Fame songwriter Don Schlitz said on his twitter a few days ago that Charlie Worsham is one of Nashville’s best kept secrets. My wife and I will be seeing Charlie on May 19th at the Nashville City Winery with Brandy Clark. Truth be told we’re going for Brandy but hopefully we’ll be pleasantly surprised by Worsham.

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