Chase Mice Is Really Worried About This Whole iHeart Thing

Sad guy

The last time we talked to Chase Mice, he was on top of the world in terms of kissing radio’s ass gathering a ton of new and loyal fans. Now? His entire world is spiraling out of control – iHeart and Cumulus are in trouble.

“I didn’t read the article thingy because there was a bunch of math-y looking stuff in it” reported Chase, “but from what my label told me, my career is going to be in pretty big trouble pretty soon man…I even read another article by some guy named Tripper or Trigy or Trigonometry or whatever that said to imagine a world where radio doesn’t matter! I can’t do that! All my number ones like “Do It In A Cornfield” and “Cornfield Lovin'”….the people will still love me right?”

We here at Country Music Minds recently surveyed people to see if they remembered either of Chris’ two number ones as well as other fan favorites such as “Truck Stuck” or “Cow Tippin’ (And Skinny Dippin’)”. All they said was, “is that that dude with the song that mentioned Walter White or somethin'”?

We reported the results back to a distraught Chad who exclaimed, “I’m finished aren’t I?”

Chip then decided to do something he hadn’t done since high school – read. He searched all sorts of Taste Of Country and Whiskey Riff articles to see if he could find any useful information, but after the fifth “top ten things every country boy should decorate his truck with” list, he became completely immersed in that.

We explained to Chazz that while these companies are definitely in trouble, it didn’t mean radio was completely going away anytime soon. He then let out a big “YEAH BRUH!!!!” as he proceeded to try and chest bump us. We declined the offer.

However, we did try to tell Colin that while radio is still somewhat alright, the rise of streaming could still spell trouble for radio’s future sometime soon. He was later confused how “a bunch of water” could hurt his future, but also acknowledged that “this streaming stuff sounds scary”. He was however relived to find out that the payola could continue with him and his “favorite radio stations”.

Calvin currently has two number ones and three number two’s, all of which sold outside the iTunes top 200 all-genre chart. Despite this, he’s confident that his future of depending on radio for dear life is a smart financial plan. He is looking towards the future though. “I’m going to see what all the pop stars did five years ago and get ahead on the next trend at country radio. Evolution, baby!!!”

8 thoughts on “Chase Mice Is Really Worried About This Whole iHeart Thing

  1. Man someone doesn’t like Chase Rice lol. I know it’s not meant to be specifically about him but his career would b in trouble if radio wasn’t about to implode. He may never get to even release that new album that he promised would have more substantive material. Anyway I hope radio implodes I hate IHeart and Cumulus. They absolutely deserve it.

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    1. Haha, in all honesty you could have substituted any name here and it still would have fit. But yes, unfortunately those last three will still be alright even without radio :/ The others…not so much!


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