What The Previews From The New Chris Stapleton Album Are Telling Me

chris stapleton first one to know album cover

There’s really no point in breaking the latest news about Chris Stapleton’s album. Many of you got to it before I did. Hell, I woke up to the news, and believe me, Chris may not be Santa Claus, but I’m still happy to get a present from this jolly, bearded fella.

So I might as well talk about what this new album could suggest, because for those who may not know, the album can actually be previewed both on iTunes as well as on Google Play, and based on the previews, it definitely sounds a little more balanced than Traveller was as a whole.

I think one complaint many people shared with Chris’ 2015 album Traveller was that it dragged on too long at 14 songs, especially when all of them really lacked in tempo save for “Parachute”. I can kind of agree with that criticism as well, which is why I was surprised to know that Chris had preformed something upbeat at the latest ACM’s (that I didn’t watch) called “Second One To Know”. I was also surprised to know that it was a little more rock oriented than his previous material was. However, that excitement subsided in the passing days seeing as how there was still no news about the project. Many (including myself) thought it had simply been pushed back.

Well now it’s here, and it seems like we’re in for a treat with this album. Chris has definitely always had that soulful, bluesy element in his music (as well as a rock tone), and this latest project seems to suggest he’ll be embracing that even further, in turn making a true combination of classic country, blues, soul, and rock songs that make up a (seemingly) eclectic album. Moreover, it also seems to stand that there will be a little more variety in tempo as evidenced by “Second One To Know” as well as “Them Stems” (I love that bouncy rhythm).

It also seems to stand that this could be a side project given that we are expected to get a “Volume 2” of this, meaning that there could be some bigger picture behind all of this. Hell, why not right? It’s not like Chris exactly needs any song here to shoot straight to the top so he can sell more albums. The rollout plan could have been handled a lot better, but I think he’ll be fine.

Regardless, the strategy of allowing previews of each song personally gets me more excited for this album from a fan’s perspective, and from a business perspective, perhaps this could be a better tactic for releasing new music rather than releasing a couple songs beforehand. I don’t know, I’m diving into another sort of topic that could deserve another look, but it is an interesting tactic.

Anyway, Chris’ new album From A Room Volume One will be released on May 5th alongside the likes of John Moreland and Andrew Pope. In other words, empty those wallets next month! The project will also feature a cover of Willie Nelson’s “Last Thing I Needed, First Thing This Morning” as well as a cover of Lee Ann Womack’s “Either Way” (which Chris had a hand in writing).

  1. “Broken Halos” (Chris Stapleton, Mike Henderson)
  2. “Last Thing I Needed, First Thing This Morning” (Gary P. Nunn, Donna Sioux Farar)
  3. “Second To Know” (Chris Stapleton, Mike Henderson)
  4. “Up To No Good Livin’” (Possibly Chris Stapleton and Casey Beathard)
  5. “Either Way” (Chris Stapleton, Tim James, Kendall Marvel)
  6. “I Was Wrong” (Chris Stapleton, Craig Wiseman)
  7. “Without Your Love” (Chris Stapleton, Mike Henderson)
  8. “Them Stems (Chris Stapleton, Jimmy Stewart and Shawn Camp)
  9. “Death Row” (Chris Stapleton, Mike Henderson)

Preorder the album here (iTunes) or here (Google Play)

3 thoughts on “What The Previews From The New Chris Stapleton Album Are Telling Me

  1. I’ll mention some tidbits about the songwriters.Mike Henderson and Chris wrote nearly all of the songs on the Steeldrivers’ early albums (2008 and 2010, plus the little-known 2006 live album that I’ve heard, which has mostly the same songs). A couple of Chris & Mike writes showed up on Seth James & Jessica Walker’s underrated 2016 album “A Million Miles of Love.” The Americana station in New Braunfels, TX plays one of those songs quite often.
    Anyway… Casey Beathard & Chris Stapleton also have some history, including writing “Come Back Song” with Darius Rucker. Kendell Marvel has an album coming out this year, so keep an ear open for that. Lee Ann Womack’s version of “Either Way” (with Chris Stapleton providing background vocals) was way, way back in 2006. Jimmy Stewart and Shawn Camp are long-time bluegrass guys. Jimmy cowrote “Might As Well Get Stoned” on the Traveller album. Jimmy’s own album “Poor Rambler” last year got overlooked by basically all reviewers, which made no sense to me, because there were songs on there that Jimmy wrote with folks like Guy Clark. Chris & Morgane Stapleton sang harmony vocals on the album,too.

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  2. I’m thrilled Stapleton is releasing two albums and not a double album – much easier to digest that way. While I enjoyed each and every track on Traveller, my only issue is that it was too dang long.


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