Live Blogging Country Radio – #4


All credit (as always) goes to Country California for the idea.  Every week I (try to) listen to country radio at least a half an hour, sharing my thoughts as I move along.  Doing this from the WordPress app got to be too much of a pain in the ass in all honesty, so now I’m going to try to just do this once per week. There will never be a set day or anything, I’ll just try to do it sometime during the week when I have a half an hour to kill. That’s kind of all there is to say. As always, I am not telling you the station name.

  • 4:16 – Little Big Town’s “Better Man”…or rather, the end of it. Literally.
  • 4:17 – They’re doing a contest to win $1,000. Screw y’all I’m out of here.
  • 4:17 – Brett Eldredge’s “Beat of The Music” – But we’ve heard this… plus it’s from like 2013 or 2014…I don’t remember or care
  • 4:18 – This is still 1000% more tolerable than that God-awful new one of his though.
  • 4:19 – “You’ve got the soul and you know how to use it” – Is this about Chris Stapleton?
  • 4:20 – Still, it’s light and breezy and enjoyable enough…as I said before.
  • 4:20 – DJ is talking about the contest. She’s telling me how to enter. I’m a blogger though. I don’t need money when I have mom’s basement.
  • 4:21 – Advertisement for Geico. We’ve also heard this.
  • 4:22 – Brad Paisley’s “Crushin’ It” – Alright, outdated songs seems to be the theme today. I never minded this though.
  • 4:22 – Like, I get that some think Brad Paisley pushes the whole corny bit way too far, but I don’t know, perhaps I have an immature sense of humor but I usually find it endearing.
  • 4:23 – Oh yeah, the George-freakin’-Strait line. See, I should hate it, but I don’t. Fight me.
  • 4:25 – Advertisement for Home Depot. Again, lol guys, I got my Mom’s basement.
  • 4:26 – another advertisement for Home Depot?!? Damn, it’s not just the songs they beat into the ground for you…
  • 4:26 – Third one in a row, is country radio broken? Wait, let’s not answer that one.
  • 4:27 – Oh, another Geico advertisement. Someone is fucking with me…
  • 4:27 – Turbo Tax commercial. They don’t know me.
  • 4:28 – More advertisements passing me by. Wish I had something funny to say, not that I’ve said anything funny anyway so far.
  • 4:29 – Traffic report – Rain, rain, and more rain
  • 4:29 – That means we’re getting that Luke Bryan song soon doesn’t it?
  • 4:29 – Self-promoting their station, one listener said “it’s like having all the songs without having to buy them!”
  • 4:30 – First of all dumbass, pay for the music you like.
  • 4:30 – Second, ever heard of Spotify? Or Youtube? Better alternatives to the radio. Then again it’s not as fun live blogging them.
  • 4:31 – Oh yeah, and Dierks Bentley’s “Black” is on.
  • 4:31 – See, I still don’t hate this. I do think it’s pretty decent… and as per usual, I’ve explained why in other live blogs…ugh…
  • 4:32 – It is interesting to see that yes, country radio really does inundate you with the same ol’ same.
  • 4:32 – Still, this is a decent playlist so far. I won’t lie.
  • 4:33 – My DJ says I have to look up Spartacus the diabetic cat. Hold on.
  • 4:33 – Before I do, Carrie Underwood with “Before He Cheats”.
  • 4:34 – I’m not doing anything better, I’ll check out the video later.
  • 4:35 – Anyway, I don’t have a strong opinion on this either way.
  • 4:35 – I mean yeah, I get that there have been a bajillion case studies into how the narrator has no evidence that her lover cheated on her but…
  • 4:36 – I’ve gotten the analytical stick out of my ass, and in all honesty it’s fine for what it is, but it is all a little over the top. I like Carrie overall though.
  • 4:36 – Brad Paisley’s “Today”….uh, you guys already played Brad. I have proof!
  • 4:37 – It was 15 minutes ago, literally.
  • 4:37 – At least I like this song though. Some may see it as sappy, but I think it’s well done. It reminds me of early Brad.
  • 4:38 – Well, we have about 8 minutes left, and we haven’t heard an awful song yet. This might be the best live blog yet.
  • 4:39 – In terms of funny things to say to entertain you all….yeah, not my best.
  • 4:40 – BUUTTT….you might say that about all of them 😉
  • 4:40 – Brantley Gilbert’s “The Weekend”, OK SO I SPOKE TOO F**KING SOON HUH?
  • 4:41 – That first verse is just so odd….I mean, you’re in school, you’re not, you’re fantasizing…why you trying to be clever, Brantley? You only do that on the occasional album cut.
  • 4:42 – Got a yeti full of good ideas huh? Would the same person who sang “Halfway To Heaven” think the same thing?
  • 4:43 – Alright, I’m getting too cynical here, but seriously, this dude IS better than this.
  • 4:43 – Jake Owen’s “American Country Love Song” to end things off.
  • 4:44 – It’s not bad, but those spoken word parts….ew.
  • 4:44 – He’s got charisma, and that DOES help here, but not enough for me to like it or think it’s anything other than a disappointment from another artist who knows better.
  • 4:45 – I have no idea if this will end before the time is up, but just in case, I’ll end things here. Thanks for tuning in! Also, be sure to stick around for the song analysis in a bit!

Alright, so since Country Perspective is in fact done now, I thought I’d do something similar to their “Current Pulse Of Mainstream Country Radio” and give a brief recap of the show (credit to Brandon Florkey on Twitter for the idea) along with grades and an overall “pulse” (like they did here).

What? I’m already copying one blog post idea….might as well go for another.

  1. Little Big Town – “Better Man” (0 or 5.5/10) – See, I’ve just never got the hype for this song. I actually their new album was pretty decent, but this overall is very one-dimensional, and the whole time is just spent pointing a finger instead of really saying something. Plus, not having Jimi Westbrook or Phillip Sweet play some type of role in this song feels like a wasted opportunity. Karen Fairchild is at least a great emotive interpreter, I’ll give her that.
  2. Brett Eldredge – “Beat Of The Music” (+1 or 6.5/10) – Again, it’s very light and breezy, and while there’s really nothing exciting about this song in any way, it’s still the type of laid back material that’s not bad, and if more bro-country had been like this, maybe the trend wouldn’t have been so bad.
  3. Brad Paisley – “Crushin’ It” (+2 or 7/10) – Yeah, it’s immature. I still like it and actually think there’s a redeeming quality to it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. Dierks Bentley – “Black” (+1 or 6/10) – Dierks really struggles here vocally, but I do like the light drum play and more liquid tones throughout. It’s a sex song, and these types of things never do much for me but for what it is, it’s decent.
  5. Carrie Underwood – “Before He Cheats” (+1 or 6/10) – Kind of already explained this but as always, if you have questions let me know)
  6. Brad Paisley – “Today” (+2 or 7.5/10) (BEST SONG) – Again, it’s a little sappy at times, but there’s a really good message behind this, and the instrumentation is nice and comforting. I’ll take it.
  7. Brantley Gilbert – “The Weekend” (-3 or 2/10) (WORST SONG) – It’s not as terrible as the worst songs I’ve heard, and the guitars at least have some muscle behind them, but as a whole, this party schlock has been done way better, and at this point, it’s not even old. It’s a skeleton sitting in the corner of an abandoned house (I’m not good at practicing what I preach, I know)
  8. Jake Owen – “American Country Love Song” (0 or 5/10) – Again, kind of already explained this too.

The Pulse: +3

We have a positive score gang. Will it remain that way next time? Who knows?

6 thoughts on “Live Blogging Country Radio – #4

  1. “Oh, another Geico advertisement, someone is fucking with me.”…lol. I actually like the new Brett Eldredge song despite myself. Agree with you in general about Brad, so I guess I have the same immature humor–except that I really hate “Crushin’ It.” I don’t think “Today” is too sappy, but it’s kind of boring. Holding out hope for his album. Really liking this feature 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Also, as a woman, “Black” is about the least sexy Dierks Bentley has been…well, ever. And he can do this well. See “Sweet and Wild,” “I Wanna Make You Close Your Eyes,” and “Come a Little Closer.”

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah, he’s done better, and like I said, he sounds awful here vocally. I don’t know, I guess it’s the spacier production that I like. I can’t put my finger on it.


    2. I tried with Brett, but it’s one of those things I think you either like a lot or don’t, lol. The video does make it better.

      For Brad, all four of the pre-release tracks sound fine so far (to me), so yes, I am also holding out hope.

      Liked by 1 person

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