Newcomer Offended That No One Cares About His Music

Chase Mice doesn’t get it. He’s now had three number one hits at radio, and yet people still can’t seem to care any less about what he’s doing. “I mean, they didn’t really sell all that well if I’m being honest….alright so they didn’t even make the iTunes Top 200 all-genre chart, but still, radio loves us! I’ve had programmers say that my music is good enough to keep listeners tuned in. In fact, they said said my music was the perfect type of vanilla for their listeners. Now, I love vanilla ice cream so I assumed that was a good thing!”

Chase Mice is also saddened that fans have been less than responsive to his music on his current tour with Miranda Lambert. Lambert stated she wasn’t exactly thrilled to have Chase on her tour either. “My label keeps yelling at me since my singles haven’t done well at radio” said Lambert, so they made me take this guy out on tour hoping it could help my “struggling” career. As for Mice?

“I pulled out all the stops for this tour, man” said the frustrated singer. “I’ve got my hair slicked back, I’ve got the guitars cranked WAY the hell up, I’m dancing like crazy up there, and my lyrics are pretty easy to follow….okay extremely easy to follow. Why aren’t people interested?”

We asked several people who recently saw Chase Mice in concert what they thought, and the results seemed to be pretty much what we expected. When concert-goer Alex Tyler was asked how he enjoyed Chase Mice’s set, he looked at us quite confusingly before finally exclaiming, “oh yeah! Chase! Uh….take it on back, take it on back!” (Editor’s note: We’re only kidding with that one. No one actually remembers a Chase Bryant song… didn’t even remember that was Chase Bryant did you?).

Another concert-goer, Perry Freeman had a more informative opinion, uttering complete disgust at Chase. “The dude has a couple hits that nobody cares about, and because of that he thinks he owns the damn joint. There was an entire song where he pointed the microphone at us to sing it with him. When he found out we didn’t know the damn thing he started yelling a bunch of expletives and also started smashing his gear. Once he calmed down he kept on going, but man was he riled up. Later on he kept yelling at us to get out of our damn chairs and stand, refusing to go on with the song until we did. That’s all I have to tell you considering security had to escort him away for yelling at a grandmother in a wheelchair”.

When approached later on after the show to see if he was alright, all Chase could mumble were things such as “I miss bro-country” and “I’M the king”. Chase did however state that he thinks his new single, “Girls” which he describes as “a sensual love ballad that will please his female fans” will be what he needs to stand out from the crowd and make a name for himself. If that doesn’t work?

“Well, maybe I’ll go to Texas and sing some songs about Texas. They’d like that down there wouldn’t they?”

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