An Open Letter To Trace Adkins

Trace Adkins Something Going On Album Cover

Dear Trace Adkins,

Hey there, how are you? I can see you’ve got a new album coming out soon, more specifically the 31st. If I’m not mistaken it’s your first one in four years, right? Hey, congratulations. I’ve always been a fan of your voice. You’ve got power, and your voice carries some insane emotion. On your best songs like “Can’t Outrun You”, “Til The Last Shot’s Fired”, “You’re Gonna Miss This”…hell, even your rendition of “Wayfaring Stranger”, you prove that can make some of the best country music out there (at least in my opinion).

At your worst though…..well you can make some pretty stupid songs, my friend, and I’m not even talking about “Honky-Tonk Badonkadonk”. I’m talking crap like “Swing”, “Brown Chicken Brown Cow” and “Lit”, a song that’s going to be on your upcoming album, Something’s Going On in a couple weeks. I’ve got to ask, you’ve apologized before for your “jokey songs”. Why do you keep doing it?

I’ve got some bad news for you buddy, you’re old, at least to radio you are. You could do a duet with Thomas Rhett, add the sickest beat, sing the stupidest lyrics and call it a song, but radio still won’t play it. It’s just how it is. So why bother keeping up with the times? Two others song that I’ve heard from the album also employ more modern production elements – “Jesus and Jones” and “Still A Solider”. They’re not bad like “Lit”, not even close, but still, they’re beneath you Mr. Adkins.

There is one song however that gives me hope, and that’s “Watered Down”. For God’s sake dude, where has this song been? It’s got such a nice warm tone to it, and the mandolin in it is quite nice. Lyrically, you even own up to the fact that you’re not the young gun you used to be, so who are you trying to impress anymore?

Maybe you actually like doing the more modern songs, I don’t know, Trace. However, speaking as a frustrated fan, you’re better than that. You never really reached superstar status in your career, and I could count the amount of number one hits you have on my one hand. Who cares though? With your voice, the legacy you could carry is tremendous, that is if you just utilized your talent more often. You’re a free man. You’re not tied to a major label doing what they want, and you haven’t been for awhile. Take advantage of that freedom! I’m still holding out some hope for your album coming out, but I don’t know, titles like “Hang” and “Country Boy Problems” don’t leave me with a lot of hope.

At this point, I could make a two disc album for your career. The first disc could easily contain some of the best country songs known to man, but the second disc could unfortunately have some of the worst. I don’t know what you want Trace, but I’ve said my piece as a fan.

6 thoughts on “An Open Letter To Trace Adkins

    1. Oh yes, I know. I just decided to direct the letter towards Trace since A.) his album is coming out soon, and B.) I have noticed his songs are still for the most part leaning more towards trend-chasing schlock (outside of “Watered Down”).

      But yes, certainly a number of artists could be substituted in here. Like I said, the timing is what determined this week’s letter.


      1. Oh definitely, there are tons of artists I could write these letters to (hint, hint, 😉 ). Like I said, I picked Trace since he does have a new album soon. Plus, unlike Blake, Trace is way past his prime at radio, and while he is on Broken Bow, they are still an independent label. Trace has the power…


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