Live Blogging Country Radio – #1

Country radio
Not an accurate representation of country radio, but hey, it was the best thing Google Images offered.

With the blessing of Country California, I have been allowed to live blog what country radio is doing for half an hour. The last one of these segments was back in 2011, and country radio has changed a lot since then, so my job may arguably be tougher. Still, I’ll give this a go. It’s an experiment, so forgive me if I don’t get this right. And no, I’m not telling you the station.

  • 3:39 – Let’s go
  • 3:39 – Hey! “I Met A Girl”! Maybe this won’t be so bad….right?
  • 3:39 – I am catching the tail end of it so…
  • 3:41 – Oh, that one Canaan Smith song nobody remembers….not that anyone actually remembers Canaan Smith anyway.
  • 3:44 – I’m finding out fast this isn’t a good idea to do on the WordPress app. Better than Weebly, but man…
  • 3:44 – Even autocorrect doesn’t work. I apalajize if I mispel somthing.
  • 3:45 – Eric Church and Rhiannon Giddens with “Kill A Word”! 
  • 3:47 – My station doesn’t play the version with an extra verse from Giddens – can’t have too many females can we? Or any for that matter.
  • 3:48 – Oh, it’s that one Blake Shelton song nobody cares about. Oh, be more specific? “Guy With A Girl”. I heard this once before when I listened to the album. At least I think I did. You see what I mean?
  • 3:51 – DJ – “That’s brand new from Blake Shelton!” – See? Even they don’t care
  • 3:51 – Talking about snow. Timely.
  • 3:52 – An advertisement from Taste Of Country. Of course it had nothing to do with country music. It was something about health food. 
  • 3:54 – An advertisement about carpenting – probably the 3rd most entertaining thing I’ll hear today.
  • 3:57 – Advertisement for a casino – #outlawcountry
  • 3:57 – Traffic report. I can tell you here – it’s bad. Really bad. Snow, snow, and more snow.
  • 3:58 – “Time for more of today’s new country!” – I’m good, really.
  • 3:59 – Oh, it’s Aldean’s “Any Ol’ Barstool” – not terrible, but for God’s sake Jason, show some emotion!
  • 4:00 – This hasn’t been as bad as I thought it would be. 99% sausage fest, but still, not terrible at all.
  • 4:01 – Fake percussion, earthy banjo…what?
  • 4:02 – Oh it’s “Dibs” by Kelsea Ballerini. I spoke too soon.
  • 4:02 – Boy, boy, boy, boy, dibs, boy…
  • 4:03 – “Take you off the market” & “Get my lipstick on your right cheek, cause boy I got to mark it” is a terrible rhyme.
  • 4:04 – Deejay’s talking about that one time he got to hang out with Granger Smith. I wouldn’t brag about that.
  • 4:06 – Aaannnnddd here’s “Backroad Song”. It’s just Earl Dibbles Jr. except, instead of being self-aware of his corniness, he’s 100% serious.
  • 4:08 – Well that’s done, and so am I. This was surprisingly fun. See you next time!

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