Keep Your Eye On Taylor Alexander

the-voice-2017-blind-audition-taylor-alexander-believe-youtubeIt’s honestly pretty cool to see what roads artists go down during their careers, and it’s cooler when you can say you watched from (sort of) the beginning (or rather, a point in time when no one else was talking about the artist). I remember hearing Taylor Alexander over at FTB Podcasts about eight or nine months ago, and I knew right away I had to cover his material. 

For starters, the man had an awesome voice, and while his three song EP Real Good At Saying Goodbye was a little short in terms of the quantity, it wasn’t short on quality. It was solid, sort of retro-leaning neo-traditional country music that was right up my alley, and I was excited to hear a full album down the road.

Flashing forward a little bit to right now, Taylor right now is part of the Voice, having completed his blind audition just a couple days ago (at least I believe it was the blind audition according to my research. Someone please correct me if I’m wrong on that though), and is now on Adam Levine’s team (surprising, but interesting all the same). Now, I’ll be honest, when I heard he had performed a cover of Cher’s “Believe”, I was more than a little skeptical. I mean, was this the same artist I had first heard all those months ago?

Well yeah, it was, and I also just confirmed that I was an ignorant dolt in the process.Folks, it sounds weird that this could be pulled off, but Taylor did, giving the song a neo-traditional spin (seriously, the fiddle and banjo I hear accompanying it is a nice touch, and a different side from his EP that was mostly filled with pedal steel).

So what’s the point of this article? Well folks, Taylor’s now got the power to get his music shared by a wide audience, and dammit, he deserves it all the same. The point of it is what exactly what it says in the title – keep an eye on him, because he was, and still is damn great.

5 thoughts on “Keep Your Eye On Taylor Alexander

  1. Thank you for this post – I thought the name was familiar when I first saw the clip online, but couldn’t immediately place it. I love the way you champion artists. If he gets cut by Adam for some reason, hopefully he will get picked up by Blake or Alicia, who seemed so impressed with him.

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    1. Thanks! Yeah, I think he’s a great talent. It’s interesting he isn’t on Blake’s team, but still, I wish him all the best. I might have to start watching the show, haha (and figuring out what it is they do)


      1. As someone who watched it for about half its seasons, I can say Adam will be better for him than Blake because Adam knows more about changing musical arrangements and things like that. Interesting to see someone take “Believe” and make it country; as a musician and not just a reviewer, that impresses me because it shows he has more than just a good voice, he actually knows about music and how to interpret it. You can name 6,872 problems with mainstream Nashville today, but the heart of it is there are all these people who yes, can sing, but have no knowledge or talent musically, either to write or to pick smart songs written by others. There are people with good voices in every town in this country, but someone who can make decisions like this and make them work has a better chance at making quality music. There was a girl on American Idol many seasons ago, when I actually paid attention to that, lol, who came in second, and she was an excellent singer. But in the finals, they had to sing original songs, and they told her to sing on the 7 chord, and she didn’t know what that was. For musicians, that’s really basic, and it proved that without labels or whatever helping her, she couldn’t have made her own music. Obviously, this guy can, and that shows a lot of promise. I hope that ramble made sense 🙂 good luck to him.

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      2. Oh it definitely made sense! It’s actually a really good point as well. Honestly, a lack of any basic knowledge music has always frustrated frustrated me as a reviewer. I can talk about things like mood, tone, sounds and other miscellaneous things all day, but to not actually be able to describe what the artist is doing is frustrating for me.

        But yeah, I totally agree. To be able to have that talent is something that will hopefully benefit him later on. Great analysis, Megan!


  2. Don’t let that frustrate you as a reviewer, because when it comes down to that, it’s about connecting with the music. It doesn’t do any good to rattle off some musical jargon if it loses your average reader. the difference is, your average musician should know some of that musical jargon because ultimately it makes their music better and makes their careers last, and that translates into music that connects with people, which in turn translates into good reviews 🙂

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