A Cool Find – Tony Jackson

tonyjackson2So I was bored the other day and was screwing around on Spotify trying to find new artists to listen to when I came across this guy, Tony Jackson. He’s apparently from Virginia and was raised in a military family and traveled the world before graduating high school and joining the armed services himself.

A story that I thought was particularly cool was his decision to record George Jones’ “The Grand Tour”. Per his website, 

After Jones’ death, Jackson and some friends went into a studio and recorded the song as a tribute, including a performance video that eventually wound up on YouTube.  Dean-Stevens saw it and invited Jackson to perform the song on the Old Dominion Barn Dance, a prestigious live variety program similar to the Grand Ole Opry.  When the crowd gave Jackson a standing ovation—an honor that hadn’t yet been accorded any of the show’s headliners—she offered him a spot on the program as a recurring performer.

He’s also got two other songs out I could find. One’s called “Drink By Drink” which is incredibly fun, and the other is “Nashville Cats” which he does with Vince Gill, John Sebastian, and Steve Cropper. That’s a fine list of people to be associated with.

As you can tell by now, I’m not good at writing these little sells on why you should listen to this, but you should anyway. His version of “The Grand Tour” is damn great in my opinion – it doesn’t screw with it all, and Jackson himself is a great vocalist. I like what I hear from the guy, and apparently he’s releasing an EP soon so be on the lookout for that. In the meantime, listen to the songs below and let me know what you think!

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