For George Strait’s Exes, Texas Independence Day Carries Another Meaning

george-strait-4Although we can’t think of a singular reason why ANYONE would want to NOT be around George Strait, all of his exes who reside there do.

For them, Texas Independence Day is more than just about celebrating some silly declaration signed over 150 years ago. It’s about coming together once every year on this same day to celebrate the fact that they forced that poor bastard to hang his hat in Tennessee. For them, a tradition as old as the one symbolized on Texas Independence Day isn’t as important as a couple of incidents that occurred in 1987. 

Although the local authorities would like to celebrate the holiday, Dimples apparently is still bugging them to chase after George. Officer Dan jokingly told her, “Ma’am, if we were going to chase crime today, we’d be jailing Sam Hunt for saying he’s country, not trying to nail down a hero”.

Despite her continued frustration, Dimples still finds delight in coming together with her friends Rosanna, Eileen, and Allison to complete their annual tradition – throw darts at a picture of George and laugh about what a lousy bastard he was while simultaneously worshipping a picture of Alan Jackson. They have been known to mumble things such as “real king of country music” and “at least he has a moustache” during this process.

George Strait stated to us that he was “delighted to know they still haven’t figured out I’m in San Antonio”.

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