Jason Isbell’s New Album Could, No, Will Be Different

Author: Leon Blair

Those of you looking for new Jason Isbell music may not have to wait all that much longer. Recently a teaser video was released that showed Jason and his team working on new music. Aside from shots of Dave Cobb, Amanda Shires, Jimbo Hart, and RCA Studio A, there was also a lot to take in with the music presented.  Safe to say, this will be a different sound for Jason Isbell. 

2013’s Southeastern and 2015’s Something More Than Free found the singer delving into his personal life more so than ever before, and the production on those projects was definitely more stripped back compared to his earlier work, but now a new day is dawning. 

If the teaser indicates anything, this album is bound to be more rock oriented than Isbell’s past two projects, and not just rocking, but seriously heavy stuff. It makes sense too. After all, both of his past projects were intended as a catharsis for Isbell. Nobody has any clue what it’s in store for this album, but one thing is for certain, it will be different for Jason. Judging from the teaser I’d say different in a good way. 

To watch the teaser video, click here

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