David Nail May Be Done At UMG Nashville

Author: Leon Blair

Some unfortunate news is sweeping across the country music landscape as of right now. It would appear that UMG Nashville recording artist David Nail has supposedly been let go by his label. Now, keep in mind I say “supposedly”. The truth is, it hasn’t quite been confirmed yet. The unfortunate part is that there are many signs which point to it being true. 

I first heard of the news through my friend and country music expert, Chris Baggs on Twitter. It was there that he pointed out that David Nail was no longer listed as an artist on their website. In addition to this, David Nail also recently tweeted out a cryptic tweet himself that alluded to looking ahead in life as well as personal troubles. 

If found to be true, it would be unfortunate, but it would also not be surprising. Nail’s previous single, “Good At Tonight” with the Brothers Osborne only managed to peak at #52 on the Billboard Country Airplay Charts, and his previous single “Night’s On Fire” managed to squeak out a top fifteen peak, albeit through a very long, slow climb. We can also couple that with the fact that David has never been a consistent hit maker or sold exceptionally well, and it’s not surprising. 

That being said, as someone who is definitely a fan of Nail this is sad to hear. His previous album, Fighter really seemed like David was stretching himself creatively, not being afraid to record more substance driven material rather than radio ready hits. In addition, I’ve always enjoyed his previous albums. Much like say, Eric Church or Tim McGraw, David has never been what you would call a “traditional” country artist, but like these men he’s been delivering quality material to a genre that desperately needs it (at least in my opinion). 

One could weight the pros and cons of the situation, but the latter obviously outweighs the former. The music business isn’t exactly fair or pretty, and to lose a major record deal can’t exactly feel good for David, his family or anyone else who helped him to get where he is. The only pros that come out of it, if there even are any will only extend to us the music fans. After all, David could easily sign with a smaller indie label like Thirty Tigers and have more artistic freedom, leading to more albums like The Fighter. Again, he wouldn’t be as well of financially obviously, but there is still a light at the end of the tunnel for Nail. Or, maybe he’ll be picked up by another major label. Who knows? After all, we don’t know if he’s really done with UMG yet. In the meantime, it’s a good reminder that the music business isn’t a friendly place. There’s a world going on outside the world that we’re in (to quote Blackberry Smoke). 

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