Well I’ll Be Damned, Chris Shiflett Isn’t Bad At This Country Music Thing

Author: Leon Blair

You can imagine how excited I get when I hear of a rock, pop, or other genre artist decide they want to dabble in country music. Sure, every now and then you get some cool surprises like Don Henley, but more than once we’ve been disappointed by others such as Steven Tyler and especially Bret Michaels.

So when I heard that Chris Shiflett (guitarist for the Foo Fighters) had a new country song out, I was skeptical. But I’ll be damned, not only is Chris’ new song pretty damn great, he’s also dabbled in country before to exceptional degrees. You learn something new every day!

Chris released his first solo country album in 2010 titled, Chris Shiflett & The Dead Peasantsas well as a collection of honky-tonk covers in 2013 with All Hat and No Cattle. Quite frankly I’m surprised I’m just hearing about this now.

Chris’ new song, “West Coast Town” is the lead song and title track off of his newest album set for release on April 14th. The song in question was recorded in Nashville’s RCA Studio last summer with producer Dave Cobb, a name you all should be familiar with if you have any interest in the country music scene.

What’s also cool and surprising to me is that Chris is the host of his Walking The Floor with Chris Shiflett podcast where he’s interviewed artists such as Merle Haggard, Dwight Yoakam, and Sturgill Simpson.

As for the song itself, I’m getting Dwight Yoakam meets 80’s Steve Earle meets Nick Dittmeier vibes, and that’s a damn good thing. Be on the lookout for this album. It could be good. 

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