Song Review – Sam Hunt’s ‘Drinkin’ Too Much’

Author: Leon Blair

You know, I honestly feel as if I’ve been unfair to Sam Hunt over the past couple years. When he first emerged onto the scene in 2014, I was joining the consensus who were bashing him for not being country at all and not belonging in country music whatsoever. 

Now, if you are one of those people who doesn’t like Sam solely because of his lack of country merits, that’s totally fine. After all, it’s not as if he has many country merits to begin with. What I’m trying to get at though is that I never tried to see Sam Hunt plainly as an artist or chose to actually unpack his songs for what they are. But hey, it’s the turning of a new year, and it’s time to make some changes in my life. With that being said, when I heard that Sam had released a brand new song on New Year’s titled “Drinkin’ Too Much”, I figured it would give me the chance to talk about Sam as an artist. So how did this turn out?

Honestly, I have no idea what the hell I should think about this. Is this a country song? Hell no. In fact, it’s probably the furthest he’s drifted away from the genre ever. Again, if you choose to dislike the song on that factor alone, I understand and don’t blame you. However, I want to try to unpack this song for what it is, because there’s a lot to discuss here. 

Now, I’ve been unfair to Sam over the past years, yes, however I’m still not sold on the guy as an artist, and the reason why always points back to his lyrics most of the time, more specifically his lyrical personality. From the outright confession of cheating in “Single For The Summer” to the constant complaining in “Break Up In A Small Town”, there are times where Sam can come across as not the most likable person out there.

Really, that extends somewhat to this song as well. With this song however, it’s more just a sense of creepiness than anything else that permeates this song. To be fair, I get the intention of this song – apologize to this girl for making her life hell after you went and became a big star, it’s honestly a great foundation and I can appreciate Sam’s honest throughout the song as well as him laying it all on the line.

However, there are moments where it gets a little TOO confessional, such as the line about her lying in her bathtub for hours and putting her face under the water and crying – how the hell would you know what someone does in their bathtub every night besides you know, bathe?  There’s also the shift in tone throughout. From a lyrical standpoint, I was on board with this song for awhile. He’s apologizing to her for naming his album after her hometown as well as apologizing for the constant pesterting she recieves from strangers on social media. The chorus reflects how it’s made him feel and how empty it’s made him, again, good foundation here. 

However, by the end of the song it’s clear that his motives are for his own self-interest. Unlike say, Jake Owen’s “LAX” where the narrator only wishes for his ex-lover to be happy (meaning they’ve both moved on), Sam just keeps talking about how he knows they can’t possibly be through and how he won’t stop until they’re together again. It’s that assumption towards the end that she’s still into him that reminds me of Sam’s arrogance that can come across in his lyrics at times. 

There’s also the fact that this song is really TOO personal for anyone to relate to. I remember reading once on a country music messaging board that someone liked but didn’t love Chris Janson’s “Holdin’ Her” because it was too personal. Really, that’s how I feel with this. 

There’s also the production here which is just oddly stiff, nothing that’s new for Sam Hunt of course but still, there is essentially nothing going on with this song in this area, and the fact that he continously talks (not sings) throughout the entire song just leaves me feeling that this song is just a big pile of “meh”.

Hey, maybe I have no right talking about this song. After all, it’s Sam’s story, not mine. However, from the looks of things, it appears that Sam’s production choices are clearly not going to win over any new fans if this new song is indicative at all for the rest of his music. Moreover, it would also appear as if Sam isn’t winning me over as a lyricist anytime either. I don’t hate this song like so many others are bound to do, but it’s not something I exactly care for either. 

7 thoughts on “Song Review – Sam Hunt’s ‘Drinkin’ Too Much’

  1. Great review. I also went into this song with an open mind and I planned on giving it a pop single grade. Even if you can get past the fact that it isn’t even remotely country, just like every one of this guys songs he is creepy, possesive and arogant. I could even get past the talk singing but this song it’s so much more prevalent. My hope is that country radio gives this the “Vacation” treatment and realizes this song is so bad even we can’t play this.


    1. Hey thanks Alex! I saw your review as well. You did a great job with it (I’ve been meaning to comment more but Blogger’s commenting system is kind of weird, haha).
      The good news I can share is that this is apparently isn’t a single (and won’t be). This was just something to hold the fans over I guess. I agree though, it would bomb if it was a single. I know his songs have done relatively well but there’s no way this could be a hit.


  2. First off, I am glad to see this blog revived and look forward to it in 2017. 2016 was a weird year for me as well, and I hope 2017 will get me and Country Exclusive back on track. As for this song, I have a lot of mixed opinions about this. I really respect how personal he was with this song; I mean, I criticize a lot of mainstream music for not being honest. I think that’s a much bigger problem than the lack of country in country music, although that is still a problem. But the bigger issue is that the majority of mainstream stuff right now isn’t real. It’s not relatable. The best songs are relatable, and this is what makes certain songs timeless. I think he went a bit too far with this because it goes past relatable into so specific only he can relate to it. It isn’t remotely country and should stay the hell out of country, but I can respect the fact that he’s tried to be honest, that shows growth as an artist to me. I find the production bland and the outro extremely odd. Overall, it’s the least country thing he’s ever recorded and at the same time it’s the most promising. And this is completely unrelated, but I’ve wanted to mention it before, and I guess now would be as good a time as any. When you guys post pictures on here, for album covers or whatever, for me and anyone else who might read this blog with a screen reader, it just says “picture.” I don’t know if it’s possible here because I use WordPress, but I have an option for alt text where I say something like “Sam Hunt album cover” to make the pictures accessible. if you could do this, that would be cool and appreciated. 🙂


    1. Thanks for the kind words Megan! I hope 2017 is kind to both of us, because 2016 was definitely weird, haha.
      Yeah, I think the honesty factor is why I can’t hate this like so many others have. Sonically it’s the wrong direction for him to head on but lyrically, eh, there’s potential at least.
      I wasn’t aware of the picture thing at all. I’ll be back at work Tuesday so I can look at it then (although I’m admittedly sure how to fix it. I’ll do what I can though) Thanks for bringing it to my attention though! I apologize for any convenience.


  3. 2017 is definitely weird so far, I like a song from RaeLynn and don’t hate one from Sam Hunt. 😀 No apology necessary, just something I felt inclined to point out, and thank you for looking into it.


    1. Ugh, just saw my typos. Hopefully you know I meant “inconvenience” haha.
      Yeah, I’m also a fan of the Raelynn song as well. It might be what I review next, not sure yet. At any rate it will be interesting to see if the mainstream continues to improve as well as observe what direction the independent side goes in. Definitely making a point to be more honest in my opinions on that this year.


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