The CMM Tracks of the Day (July 29th, 2016)

Author: AndyTheDrifter

Welcome to another edition of CMM’s Tracks of the Day! Each day we highlight two songs that we love and believe you might have missed.

Collin Raye might be best known to younger fans for his recent outspokenness in criticizing modern country, but he is an excellent singer who in my opinion is responsible for some of the finest mainstream country of the ’90s. While his sound usually leaned toward pop-rock or adult contemporary, the quality of his material was often very high. A great example of this is “The Time Machine” from 1995’s I Think About You, arguably his best album. It takes a classic country theme – drinking to forget your current misery and “go back in time” to an earlier, happier partof your life – and delivers a great new spin on it. It’s an extremely well-written song enhanced by a great vocal performance from Raye.

How about another song about time travel? While Collin Raye’s song uses the concept of time travel figuratively, this hidden gem by the great Ronnie Milsap involves literal time travel. “Country Again” from the 2011 album of the same name is a very fun one-off novelty song that involves a country music fan building a time machine out of a pickup truck. He travels to the future and finds things like robots, flying cars, and… traditional country music back in style. “Country Again” might be a little goofy, but it’s one of the quirkiest and most original songs in recent memory, and I quite like it.

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