The CMM Tracks of the Day (July 21, 2016)

Author: AndyTheDrifter

Welcome to another edition of CMM’s “Track of the Day.” This is where we bring you two great songs you might not have heard. Generally, one of the songs is relatively older, and the other is relatively newer.

Conway Twitty is easily one of the greatest performers in the history of country music, but despite having a whopping 44 #1 hits, is often overlooked today. That’s a shame, because he recorded tons of great material such as this #1 from 1976. “The Games That Daddies Play” is a touching song that deals with a complex, emotional subject in a thoughtful way. Conway wrote this one himself, and while he didn’t write many songs, the ones he wrote were often great.

Blake Shelton has become one of the blogosphere’s favorite whipping boys in recent years, and deservedly so. However, the truth is that he music he made during the early part of his career was actually pretty decent, and sometimes even genuinely good. A strong example of this is this hidden gem from his debut album, written by the legendary songwriter Bobby Braddock, who also produced the album. The song’s narrator is a blue collar worker and country music fan who laments the gradual disappearance of authentic, substantive material from country radio. He expresses his dissatisfaction with artists singing nothing but safe, formulaic songs that have no connection to the unpleasant aspects of real life. Unfortunately, Blake would eventually evolve into the kind of artist he disapproves of here, but I think “Same Old Song” is one of the more underrated protest songs around, perhaps because it comes from such an unexpected source.

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