The CMM Tracks of the Day (July 17th, 2016)

Author: AndyTheDrifter

Welcome to today’s edition of Country Music Minds’ Tracks of the Day feature! This is where we bring to you two songs will feel are worthy of your attention.

There are very few vocalists in country music history who can match Ray Price, and very few writers who are as intelligent as Roger Miller. So when Ray Price sings a song by Roger Miller, you know it’s going to be great. The narrator of “Invitation to the Blues” has been left by his lover and his world has turned into a living hell. It’s country music all right! This classic went to #3 in 1958, and has been covered numerous times, perhaps most recently by Rodney Crowell and Emmylou Harris. Of course, the version by Roger Miller, no slouch of a performer himself, is also well-worth hearing.

When we think of where country music originates, we generally think of the American South. But of course, great country music can originate from anywhere in the world. Ags Connolly is from England, but lives and breathes country music. From his stellar 2014 debut How About Now, which I can’t recommend enough, “When Country Was Proud” is something of a protest song, but instead of engaging in pop-country bashing (all right, maybe a little), it’s more of a celebration of country music’s storied history and the legendary artists of the past. Check it out!

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